Enjoy the open air with comfort and safety. Elegantly designed with feeling and precision-crafted for performance. American Patio Covers wants your outdoor living space to be well defined with our railings. The highest-quality aircraft aluminum provides strength, resilience, and security as you enjoy the freedom of the open air.

Refine Your Outdoor Living Area

At American Patio Covers, we manufacture outdoor additions that provide visual simplicity and quiet sophistication while complementing your house’s architecture and landscape.


Who We Are

American Patio Covers is the premier manufacturer and distributor of aluminum railings, balconies, and patio covers in Arlington, Washington. We develop products that elevate the outdoor-living experience of our clients on the West Coast.

What We Offer

Inspired by the outdoors, we make stunning home additions that enhance your property’s value. You can create a space where people can enjoy the beauty of the environment just outside your residence using our custom structures.

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    Patio Covers

    Have the right amount of sunlight in your outdoor living area. Our roofing products can protect areas from harmful UV rays and harsh weather elements.

  • American Patio Covers


    Aside from preventing people from falling, adding a railing system to your deck can add aesthetic value to your home. We provide high-quality railings to help you define your alfresco space while maintaining a sense of privacy to your home.

  • American Patio Covers


    Serving to expand the living space, a balcony is perfect for people who like to relax and enjoy outdoor areas. We are skilled in installing balconies where you can read a book, play with your pets, or have your alone time. Our durable products allow you to appreciate the open air while you are above the ground floor.

Have a Professional Handle Your Outdoor Additions

For a quick and seamless installation of your newly purchased patio cover or railings, you need a reliable company to do the work for you. We recommend Acrylic Patio Covers Direct and American Patio CoversPlus for the job.

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Get in touch with us for superior patio covers, deck railings, and more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.